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Here is the report of the Instagram profile of @kanyewest ( full name: Ye ).
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Followers -95,843


Following -1,270


Engagement +0.52%


Tracked since 03 Nov, 2020. Updated on 13 Jan, 2023, at 09:24 (UTC+1)
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Overview Analysis of this Instagram Profile

Engagement Rate
Followers Growth Rate
Following Growth Rate
Likes Rate
Comments Rate
Average Likes
Average Comments
$127,779 - $273,813
Average Cost per post

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Date  Followers Following Uploads
2020-11-03 Tue 4,111,698 1 205
2020-12-08 Tue 4,356,175 +244,477 1 207 +2
2022-02-05 Sat 10,818,416 +6,462,241 7,175 +7,174 22 -185
2022-02-16 Wed 13,835,625 +3,017,209 7,196 +21 2 -20
2022-02-18 Fri 14,192,232 +356,607 7,195 -1 1 -1
2022-10-27 Thu 18,374,953 +4,182,721 7,469 +274 4 +3
2022-10-30 Sun 18,466,569 +91,616 7,465 -4 5 +1
2022-12-27 Tue 18,350,017 -116,552 7,398 -67 1 -4
2023-01-13 Fri 18,254,174 -95,843 6,128 -1,270 1
Total Summary Followers: +14,142,476 Following: +6,127 Uploads: -204
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Average Engagement Rate Chart

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Engagement is the numerical value determined by the relationship between the number of followers and the interactions on the photos.
(Note: the higher the number of followers, the lower the engagement. See table comparison at the bottom of the page)

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Average Engagement Rates on Instagram

These are overall / average engagement rates found on Instagram. Statistics based on analysis of more than 1 million influencer profiles.

Followers Average Values of Instagram Profiles Profile Engagement
< 1,000 8%
< 5,000 5.7%
< 10,000 4%
< 100,000 2.4%
100,000+ 1.7% Ye 8.75%

FAQ - Ye Instagram Account

Some of the most frequently asked questions users ask about Instagram's profile Ye.

What is the Instagram Biography of Ye?

This account has no biography for the Instagram profile.

How many followers does Ye have on Instagram?

At the last check, this Instagram profile turns out to have 18,254,174 followers.

What is the engagement rate of the Instagram account of Ye?

The engagement rate of this Instagram profile is 8.75% (higher than the average of 1.7%) , calculated on the average of the last 10 posts.

What is the average of the likes received from the posts published by Ye on his Instagram profile?

The average of the likes received is approx 1,553,072 for every post published on Instagram.

How many comments does each post on average receive Ye on Instagram?

The average of the comments received for each post published by this profile is approx 44,439.

How active is the Ye account on Instagram?

Ye account it seems completely abandoned. He hasn't posted any new posts in over 180 days.

How active are Ye's followers?

On average, about 8,51% of the followers of this profile likes the contents, and about 0,243% write a comment.

How much could a sponsored post on Ye's Instagram profile cost?

Based on the CPM Rate formula, buying a post on this profile could cost up to $273,813.

When was Ye's Instagram profile last analyzed?

The last check we carried out took place on 2023-01-13 09:24:28 (UTC+1).

When will the next statistics update for this account be available?

The next statistics update will be available starting from 2023-01-14 09:24:28 (UTC+1).

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