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Why register?

Why register?

A comparative table is worth a thousand words..

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  • Access to Statistics
  • Export to PDF
  • Statistics Updated on Request (max every 24 hours)
  • Control Panel
  • Favorites Account Management
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  • Automatically Updated Favorite Statistics
  • No Advertising
  • Download Statistics in CSV Format
  • Historical Data
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  • Latest Post Analysis
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  • Access to Statistics
  • Export to PDF
  • Statistics Updated Every Day (ENTRY or AGENCY only)
  • Control Panel
  • Favorites Account Management (ENTRY or AGENCY only)
  • 0 Favorites FREE / 15 ENTRY / 50 AGENCY
  • Automatically Updated Favorite Statistics (ENTRY or AGENCY only)
  • No Advertising (ENTRY or AGENCY only)
  • Download Statistics in CSV Format (AGENCY only)
  • Historical Data (AGENCY only)
  • Future Projections (AGENCY only)
  • Latest Post Analysis (AGENCY only)
  • Compare Accounts (AGENCY only)
  • Premium Support (AGENCY only)

By registering you will get numerous advantages, such as:

1. You will be able to add reports to your favorites and your favorite statistics will be updated automatically every day.
Non-registered users can update a profile only when they visit it; by registering you will not have this task, we will take care of you!

2. You will be able to access your favorites from a practical side panel.
In this way, in any page of the site you are in, you will always have your favorite accounts at hand!

3. You can perform a "search" to filter the list of favorites.
Really useful to quickly find an account from the complete list, when it gets longer.

4. You can download the data table with a detailed summary of the daily statistics.
Download a CSV / Excel file for an even more complete analysis.

5. You will be able to see the statistics of the growth forecasts for each individual account.

6. You will be able to access the graph of the analysis of the latest posts, which correlates the number of interactions with the words that make up the caption, allowing you to experiment with micro-blogging, or effect phrases to improve the performance of your posts.

7. You can make the most absurd requests for technical support .. (so to speak ...)
We do not guarantee that we will be able to satisfy you .. but we will definitely try!


But more importantly, by registering you will have all our gratitude for choosing our service, because considering that for now we do not earn anything (and we don't know if it will ever happen..) the only satisfaction is to see that users like the service and find it useful.