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Instagram guides

Many write to us for advice, especially regarding the fixed worm that unites many of those who have an Instagram profile, that is ... how to make it grow, and why not?, Monetize from it.

As experts ... ehmn ... no. We certainly do not want to sit on the top (as many do ... too many ... without having any merit ...), but what we can do is share with you the guides that inspired us the most and that have proven useful to grow our Instagram profiles, like those of our customers.

No more mincing words, below we indicate 3 of the best guides that we liked, also explaining what are the strengths of each.

For each book or course we have inserted a link to get there quickly.

What else to say?

Enjoy the reading!

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These are the top 3 guide books recommended by FollowerStat.com


  • How To Get Your First 10K Instagram Followers For FREE. Three video courses, in one package
  • Why we liked it
  • This is a fantastic course about Instagram. You will learn everything there is to learn. If you want to get some more followers and a lot more.


  • Break the code. Control And Monetize Instagram Audiences
  • Why we liked it
  • Without a doubt the best. You can learned a ton of stuff, particularly how to leverage stories, get in touch with other account owners to strike up deals, and how to make your account engaging to real human beings, which is especially important these days.
    We strongly recommend this course. It can be really, really powerful for you and your business.


  • Start earning with your Instagram. A complete manual on digital marketing to excel on the Influencers social network
  • Why we liked it
  • A easy step-by-step system for optimizing your Instagram account for massive cash windfalls. Correct methods for driving lots of visitors to your post.