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Your profile on the home page?

Admit it ... you've always loved the limelight and the attention it brings.

If not, you wouldn't have an Instagram profile.

For this reason, we can offer you the opportunity to have your profile placed on our home page!

How? Offer Us a beer from at least € 2.50 (use the button above .. yes, just the one with the beer that makes bubbles ..) and we will show your profile on the home page for 30 days! If you are generous enough to offer us a beer for € 5.00, your profile will be shown on the home page for 3 months!
If you offer us more .. we'll probably be  tipsy and not remember  at all.

Please remember to put your Instagram name in the appropriate field (the one that allows you to leave a message) when you are on the donation page. We will then show it on our home page.

So don't forget - put your profile name in the box provided - we wouldn't want to forget you.